Miami Dade College
Medical Center Campus
School of Nursing - Employer Survey - RN

This survey is part of a continuous program for improving the quality of the
education provided to students in the School of Nursing. You are asked to describe
the preparation for beginning practice as a registered nurse (RN) for graduates of the past year.

* Required
Please select the best response:
1. In what practice area(s) are graduates employed? * If Other, please specify:

In your opinion, was (were) the graduate(s) prepared to function satisfactorily in the following areas?
2. Perform the clinical skills necessary for RN practice. *
3. Assess a patient and develop a care plan independently (critical thinking). *
4. Use verbal communication skills to the benefit of the patients under their care (interpersonal and communication skills). *
5. Demonstrate non-verbal communication patterns that reflect positive communication skills (interpersonal and communication). *
6. Use nursing interventions appropriate to meet the needs of the patients under their care (therapeutic nursing interventions.) *
7. Solve problems encountered in patient care situations (therapeutic nursing interventions). *
8. Adhere to professional standards, policies and protocols. *
  What are the strengths of the Miami Dade College graduate?
  What additional preparation would better prepare new graduates?
  What improvements in the program would you suggest?
  Are you using any type of wireless devices such as PDA's, laptops, and/or electronic charting or health records management systems? If so please identify the vendor, the product and name of the software.
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  Other Specialty Areas:
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